330 ppm CO2 Compatible Consulting

How it works

Deriving a solution for the problem global warming by looking at the possible end.

The problem:

The irreversible melting of or gliding into the oceans of big portions of the Greenland and Antarctica ice-sheets can be triggered possibly within the next 5 to 10 years. The real flood will then probably come step by step several decades / centuries later. In the worst case scenario,
66 meter

sea level rise will destroy

Shanghai Shanghai skyline

New York New York skyline

London London Big Ben

Berlin Berlin Reichstag

Paris Paris Tour Eiffel

irreversibly. Irreversible destruction of a city means that the today low-lying city centres (historic and political centers) are flooded.

The solution:

A responsible political solution is to start as soon as possible with Global Cooling. Global Cooling requires the reduction of the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere of the earth from 400 ppm to a lower value. Relative Temperature of earth surface 1850 - 2010

In the decade 1970 - 1979, the mean earth surface temperature was only some 0.25 degree Celsius higher than 1880, but in 2015 already 1 degree Celsius. 330 ppm carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere soon is a much safer temperature level for Shanghai, New York, London, Berlin and Paris than 400 ppm (exceeded already in 2015) or even more in the next decades.

Many efforts in the last 25 years were inappropriate because of
    (a) not understanding the environmental problems
    (b) setting wrong assumptions
    (c) no consequences or too weak quantitative targets

Examples for failed efforts are too weak targets with too long time horizons and targets that never allow to contribute to global cooling.

330 ppm compatible consulting:

  • Holistic view
  • Scientifique cooperative interactive approach
  • Cross-border benchmarking
  • Goal-oriented consulting
  • Understanding intrinsic characteristics global warming
  • Expierenced consultants
  • Value for money

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